"Show Me What You Can Do"

-Jackson 5

Hi, I'm Andra! I'm a Front End Web Developer who loves to help create beautiful user experiences.

I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX to create stylish, interactive websites.

Wanna see?

Here are just some of projects I completed while learning Front End Web Development with Thinkful:

A game that generates a random number, then tells you how close you are to guessing correctly.

A beautiful, funtional shopping list app that allows you to keep track of what you need.

A simple FizzBuzz game: you input a number, and it translates it to FizzBuzz.

A quiz that tests how well you know The Chronicles of Narnia.

Uses the Instagram API to display photos tagged with #edfringe.

A website built from scratch to help promote a play that I am directing.